Foxbit Tokens.

Tokenize real assets into digital ones and innovate your business.

Asset tokenization facilitates investment in an innovative, profitable way and with the security of blockchain technology.

What can be tokenized?
An infinite number of things.


tickets e ingressos


Tokenize tickets and allocate gamified benefits before, during and after the event.
Programa de fidelidade

Loyalty programs

Improve your points program and get customers more engaged.



Tokenize your collectibles and create a world of benefits and advantages for enthusiasts of unique and genuine items.

Clube de descontos exclusivos

Exclusive discount club

Create a utility currency to offer your customer community exclusive discounts and products.



Payment via PIX, credit card or crypto and multi-currency receipt anywhere in the world.
Ativos imobiliarios

Real estate assets

Ex: Real estate (apartments, houses, commercial premises, buildings…), land, etc.
Direitos de propriedade intelectual

Intellectual property rights

Ex: Music royalties, franchises/trademarks and extraction of natural resources.


Ex: Soy, Cattle, Sugar

Contratos de energia e carbono

Energy and carbon contracts

Ex: Energy contracts, renewable electricity, carbon credits

Direitos de transmissão e entretenimento

Broadcasting and entertainment rights

Ex: Rights to broadcast sporting events, concerts, films and television programs

Our cases

Foxbit Tokens provide your business with unique benefits that guarantee secure and profitable liquidity

Foxbit Tokens provide your company and financial investors with new forms of economic relationship. With the
digital liquidity of tokenization, especially by decentralized pools, any market
can benefit from greater financial liquidity.


With flexibility and more aggressive return expectations, tokenization allows you to market your asset globally.


Tokenization becomes less susceptible to failures and attacks due to the blockchain network and Smart Contracts, which guarantee the legal validation of transactions.

Your business in the new economy

Transform your business in an innovative, profitable way with the security of blockchain technology. Tokenize your assets with Foxbit Tokens.

24/7 market

With lower transaction costs, investors can access their assets with 24×7 tradability from anywhere.
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