Charge in cryptocurrencies and get paid however you want.

Foxbit Pay is a solution that allows individuals and companies to accept cryptocurrencies as payment and receive it as they prefer, instantly and securely.

Charge in crypto in a practical and simple way.

Charges are made via a QR Code that can be
shared via messaging apps, SMS or e-mail. As practical as PIX.


Generate the payment link for your customer in an instant.


Access to the admin to manage payments.

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More cost-effective than a card company.


Offer your customers new payment options.

Download the Foxbit Pay App.

Charging in crypto has never been easier. No membership fee, zero monthly fees and better value than a card machine! Countless advantages in the palm of your hand.

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Access Foxbit Pay

To access Foxbit Pay, you need to have an open and verified account with Foxbit Exchange. After validating your registration, connect your accounts and download the app.

Large companies are already accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. Will you be left out?

Frequently asked questions

How do I access Foxbit Pay?

To access Foxbit Pay you need to register on the Foxbit Exchange platform by going to

After opening your account, it is essential to verify it (How do I verify my account?). Go to your account menu and click on “Settings”.

When you enter your Profile settings, select the “Verify account” option and follow the instructions to send the necessary information and documents.

How will the user receive the payment, in cryptocurrency or reais?
Within Foxbit Pay, you can choose how you want to be paid. Therefore, you should access the Foxbit Pay platform, go to the settings menu, the gear icon on the top right-hand side, and click on or off automatic conversion. Remember that the balance will be available in your Foxbit Exchange account.
Are there any fees in Foxbit Pay?

Foxbit Pay still has no cryptocurrency transaction fee and no monthly fee. If you want to liquidate the asset to withdraw it in reais, you will be charged a 0.5% trade fee on the Foxbit Exchange platform. For cryptocurrency withdrawals, the fee will be the same as that charged on the platform, according to the following link:

Benefits of Foxbit Pay?
  • Minimum rate for settlement in Reais
  • There is no charge for receipts.
  • By using the Lightning network your payment is available instantly.
  • You can collect cryptocurrencies 24/7 from anywhere in the world;
  • More diversity in your collection network.
  • Foxbit pay is more cost-effective than any card machine.
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