Compra fácil

Integrate our crypto as a service solution and become your own crypto-asset broker!

Generate a new line of revenue for your company,
with our complete crypto as a service solution.
It’s simple, secure, practical and fast!

Create your own crypto brokerage with our crypto as a service solution.

From banks and financial institutions to urban mobility or food companies, any company can make crypto trading available to its end customer, while generating a new line of revenue for your business.

Through APIs we offer all the services and functionalities of Foxbit Exchange.

Compra Fácil relies on the experience, security and liquidity of Foxbit Exchange, one of the largest crypto-asset brokers in Brazil, which has been on the market for over 8 years.

Our crypto as a service solution allows banks and financial institutions to offer cryptocurrencies in their investment portfolio without complications and major developments.

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Get account positions and asset portfolios

View statements

Check cryptocurrency prices

Safe custody of cryptocurrencies

Dedicated technical support and security services

Make more than 85 cryptoassets available for trading, including cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, DeFi tokens and utility tokens.

A practical and easy way to integrate your business into a complete cryptocurrency trading solution

Through the API submission request, you can choose how to interact with your cryptocurrencies. You can choose to easily convert your money into crypto or even choose how much you want to pay for it.


You define the amount to be spent and not the purchase amount, your order will be executed immediately.


You define the purchase quantity, but not the amount to be paid, your order will be executed immediately.


You set the quantity and price you want to trade, your order will be executed when the amount reaches what you have set.


You define the trigger for creating an order, in this case, the moment the price transitions. In other words, when the price you set passes, Stop will create a new market or limit order.

Revenue line

Get a new revenue line for your company

Variety of products

Grow your market share with a variety of investment products

Data Protection

Backup structure for mission-critical services. Robust infrastructure and high security standards.

Custody & Security

Our custody is ensured by the world’s largest crypto custodians.



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